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What is a thermostat?

When it comes to any engine, the temperature is a critical factor to performance. When your engine runs at a temperature within a certain range, the vital moving parts remain protected and can continue doing their job for a long time. However, if the engine runs too hot, vital engine parts can overheat and become damaged. The thermostat in your engine is a valve that helps control engine temperatures by opening and closing at the perfect time to allow coolant to flow through the radiator. If the engine is cold, the thermostat will close until the thermostat senses the temperature has increased. When the engine gets hotter and needs to cool down, the thermostat opens and allows coolant fluid to flow through the radiator to dissipate heat away from the engine. As you can probably tell by now, a faulty thermostat can be a major problem for your vehicle in terms of overheating and damage risk.

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What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Thermostat?

The problems caused by a bad thermostat relate to if it is stuck in the open or closed position. If the thermostat is stuck closed, the coolant fluid won’t flow and your engine can overheat quickly. If the thermostat is stuck open, your engine will run cooler and you might have reduced fuel efficiency and your heater might be blowing out cold air. Here is a list of the common symptoms of a faulty thermostat:

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At Downey Nissan, we never recommend driving with a thermostat problem because the risk of damage is far too great with an overheating engine condition. If you have any signs of a faulty thermostat, correcting the problem is quick and convenient with a Nissan Thermostat Replacement Service at Downey Nissan. We are conveniently located in the Downey area of the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area within a brief drive of Norwalk & Lynwood, California.


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