Nissan Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Nissan Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

The belts — or more than likely, belt — in your Nissan’s engine is responsible for transferring engine power to all engine accessories, including but not limited to the alternator, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, water pump, supercharger, or smog pump.

In the past, vehicles typically relied on three or four drive belts on the front of an engine. These V-shaped belts would go from the crankshaft pulley to one or two additional pulleys that also had to be belt driven. It was a fairly complex system, where a lot could potentially go wrong.

Modern vehicles, however, typically have a Serpentine Belt. This is a more advanced, stronger, simpler, and more reliable version of the old drive belt system. It’s a single belt that winds around all of the pulleys that need to be belt driven, and it connects them all to the crankshaft simultaneously.

Unlike drive belts, the Serpentine Belt is covered in multiple ribs that run along the pulleys of the various engine components. These ribs provide superior friction and tracking, ensuring proper operation of all engine parts.

Serpentine belts also stand apart from older belts in the fact that they don’t typically require adjustments. Ever.


Symptoms of Wear or Failure of the Serpentine Belt

  • Loss of battery voltage triggers the battery warning light
  • Power steering suddenly stops functioning
  • Vehicle's engine begins overheating
  • Illumination of the check engine light
  • In some vehicles, the brakes may become more difficult to press
  • The belt may be cracking, frayed at the edges, visibly worn, or torn
  • The ribs on your serpentine belt may be worn low, similar to the way your tire treads will wear thin over time

When the time comes, schedule Serpentine Belt Replacement service with Downey Nissan. There’s no place better in the Downey area. Our Nissan Certified Technicians know your vehicle inside and out, and we will always use the very best OEM parts and products to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.

Do you know when your serpentine belt was last inspected? Our expert Service Advisors can help! Call us at 888-483-6228, schedule an appointment, or stop by our service drive open 7 days a week.

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Your Serpentine Belt Simply Must Be Replaced When Worn Out

Replacement intervals vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, and can also be affected by the driving conditions your Nissan faces on a day to day basis. As a general rule, we typically see this part replaced approximately every 100,000 miles. You can consult your owner’s manual to find the recommended replacement interval for your Nissan. You can book your service online or call (888) 483-6228 to speak with a member of our team directly.


Don’t wait to get your serpentine belt replacement service performed. Schedule an appointment today with Downey Nissan! You can book an appointment online, or call our service center to speak with a member of our team directly. We look forward to earning your business!

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