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The 2021 GT-R NISMO's suspension tuning improves cornering stability (lateral G), with enhanced yaw-rate response and smoother ride quality (versus the 2019 model). The steering features better linearity and precision than ever, requiring minimal corrections even at speeds reaching 186 mph.

The exclusive 20-inch RAYS forged aluminum wheels incorporate a nine-spoke design that enhances rigidity. A diamond-cut white-and-red NISMO logo on the rim marks their exclusivity.

The specially designed Dunlop tires feature a rubber compound that helps boost grip by 7%, and a tread pattern with one fewer groove for the fronts, which increases the contact patch by 11% (versus the 2019 model). The tire's shoulder shape is slightly rounder so that when the car leans during cornering, more rubber surface makes contact with the ground, generating more grip. Overall, tire cornering force is up by 5%. This also improves the steering response in terms of straight-line tracking and stability compared with the current model, without impacting rolling resistance performance.

The car's Bilstein DampTronic shocks were carefully retuned in both rebound (20% softer) and compression (5% softer), while the revised spring rates contribute to a more linear steering response and increase in road-holding ability (versus the 2019 model).

Attention to detail continues right down to the chassis and its construction. A special type of bonding between the welds on the chassis and body results in a sturdier-feeling chassis, more composure over imperfections and more precision through all controls when pushing the car hard.

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