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Nissan collaborated with Italian brake manufacturer Brembo to create a special brake package for the GT-R NISMO. Special large calipers – 16.1 inches in the front and 15.3 inches at the rear – join carbon ceramic rotors.

The six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers are exceptionally rigid. Their construction brings a significant improvement to brake reaction time (versus pre-2020 models). This delivers a more responsive and progressive brake pedal, full of feedback to allow precise modulation of braking force. The result is the ability to shed speed quicker and more effectively while staying resistant to fade.

The biggest advantage comes from the carbon and silicon carbide structure of the rotors themselves. They allow for a 36-pound total drop in unsprung weight. Mounted on floating aluminum billet center bells, the rotor and oversized caliper setup is finished off by specially formulated brake pads that generate higher friction levels across the full operational range. The pads also give a firmer, more reassuring pedal feel.

Front rotor cooling has also been improved by altering the angle in which the air guides are mounted, helping funnel a higher flow of air toward their centers. As a final touch, the calipers are dipped in a heat-resistant yellow paint that is not only able to endure temperatures over 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit but is resistant to discoloring from hard use and repeated temperature cycling.

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