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EGR Valve Service near Los Angeles

Our cars are designed to do as little damage to the environment as possible with valves, systems, and other safeguards built-in. These valves and systems are designed to not only help the environment but also to help ensure that your car is running smoothly.

What is an EGR Valve?

Your EGR valve is in place to help reduce the emissions of your car into the environment. This is done by rerouting exhaust fumes that are coming out of the engine back into the engine and into the combustion chamber to be reused. This helps also to reduce the temperature inside the combustion chamber which is in turn, good for your engine. Your EGR valve helps to redirect this exhaust so that it can be used again inside the engine rather than being sent out into the atmosphere.

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When EGR Valve Service is Needed

This service works to ensure that the EGR valve is functioning as it should be. It also works to check hoses and other vents that help to reroute the exhaust back into the engine. This is a service that is simple enough and that is not going to take a ton of time to do. This is a great service that is going to help to make the most of your emissions system and is going to help limit the emissions of your car. It is also going to help your car run smoother and is going to help your car to not stink when it runs.

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Delaying an EGR Valve Service

Delaying this service is going to make your car stink when it starts up. Cars with intact EGR valves are going to smell less because they are emitting less exhaust. You can tell your valve is going bad when your car smells heavily of exhaust when you start it up. Another indicator may be a check engine light that comes on or a service light that comes on. This is a necessary service that is going to help keep your car running smoothly and is going to help keep all the warning lights on your dash off.

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