All of us here at Downey Nissan are proud of the community we live in and are committed to giving back to help our Southern California area grow and strive for years to come. To add to our community involvement, this month we are running our Cars for a Cause campaign. We will be donating a portion of our car sales in the month of May back to community organizations such as the YMCA, SEAACA, and Clothes the Deal.

So, this month come into Downey Nissan off Firestone Rd to check out our new Nissan Sentras and Altimas and know that a portion of your purchase with us will go to one of these awesome organizations working hard to better our community.

Past Community Involvement

Downey Nissan Gives Back to Schools

During the month of April, we ran a contest on Facebook between the local schools; Downey High School, Warren High School, and Santa Fe High School. The High School with the most votes at the end of the month got a $1,000 donation to use towards anything the school needs.

Downey High School Scholarship:

This past spring we were able to award a $1,000 scholarship to a very deserving graduating senior, Jennifer Xilo. Then in August we were able to see her off to Stanford University to start her first semester! Being able to award scholarships to students is very important to us so we can help them start college off right and stay in track to launch their professional careers!

With Downey Gives Back, we hope to give more scholarships to Downey High School students and other high schools in our area.

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