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First Thing First: What is a Constant Velocity Joint?

A Constant Velocity (CV) Joint does exactly what it sounds like: it is the part on the axle that makes sure that your wheels are turning at a constant velocity regardless of your vehicle’s suspension movement while driving down the road. Once your engine produces power, that power is sent through the transmission to the inner CV Joint and out to the CV Joint boots positioned at your wheel location. This system conserves the power from the engine to each wheel while also ensuring that each wheel received the constant velocity it needs for an optimal driving experience and maximum safety. Just like any other vehicle part, every CV Joint can wear out or break due to a variety of driving factors. Sometimes customers need a total CV Joint replacement because they hit California’s deepest pothole and sometimes they just need a quick repair that restores their CV Joint to factory specifications because it has some minor signs of wear and tear.

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Nissan Constant Velocity Joint Repair Service Los Angeles, CA

The symptom of a Faulty Constant Velocity Joint: Clicking Noise

If one or more of your CV Joints is wearing out, the first major symptoms will be noise. If you hear any ticking or clicking noises when you are turning a corner, it is likely that you have a CV Joint problem that requires corrective action. Although some vehicles have CV Joints at the rear wheel location, these CV Joints rarely fail. This means that the noises from your faulty CV Joint will very likely be towards the front of your vehicle where the constant velocity joints are positioned. If you hear any clicking noises from your CV Joint while cornering, then we strongly recommend Constant Velocity Joint Repair at our Nissan Express Service Center before the noise worsens and you experience a total failure.

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Constant Velocity Repair

Repairing your CV Joint(s) is not really all that complicated but there are many components that must be unattached or removed to get to it. Since the repair is also an opportunity for an inspection of your steering system, it’s a good idea to have Constant Velocity Repair Service with expert technicians that know your vehicle inside and out. Every Nissan Constant Velocity Joint Repair at Downey Nissan is completed by an expert technician that has access to specialized tools and a genuine service protocol that will restore your vehicle to factory specifications. Our expert technician will only install genuine CV Joint replacement parts and lubricating grease to give you the best driving experience and maximum safety that you expect.


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