Vehicle Undercarriage Cleaning Service

What is vehicle undercarriage cleaning all about?

The undercarriage of a car protects the mechanical functions of a vehicle from extensive damage. When cleaning a car, the undercarriage is often forgotten because it cannot be seen when parked or driving. While many vehicle owners may not see cleaning the undercarriage as a big deal, it should be kept just as clean or cleaner than the rest of the car.

Because it is difficult to give it a thorough cleaning at home, certified technicians have the ability to safely lift the car and clean the undercarriage, ensuring that it is properly maintained for the safety of your vehicle. They will use a pressure washer and look for damages in the undercarriage and any leaks that you may have.

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The undercarriage will often show the first signs of leaks or damage coming from the engine or transmission. By having your undercarriage cleaned, you can ensure that your vehicle is protected and safe from debris on the road that can get inside the car and wreak havoc on a serpentine belt or engine. When your undercarriage is properly maintained and cleaned, technicians can positively identify any repairs or services required, prolonging the life of your vehicle.

If you drive your Nissan frequently through poor weather conditions or on rural dirt roads, then you should consider having this service done sooner rather than later.

If you choose not to have your undercarriage cleaned and serviced, you open your vehicle up to potential risks. Cracks can happen in an undercarriage, which is a form of armor for your vehicle. Without finding this damage and repairing it, the damage will continue to worsen until it is no longer properly securing and protecting the vehicle from foreign debris.

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For Nissan owners living in or around Los Angeles, or even Downey, Norwalk, and Lynwood, CA​, have your vehicle serviced at Downey Nissan. Leading in Nissan service through California, the certified technicians at Downey Nissan understand the importance of a clean undercarriage, and what it means for your safety.

Our parts are factory approved and secure, ensuring that you receive premium parts during service. Enjoy our complimentary snacks and coffee while we service your Nissan, and bring the kids to enjoy our play area. We also offer express service for those on a schedule. Contact the Service Department online or by phone to schedule your next service.


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