Why Buy Used Vehicles?

Buying a brand new car can be especially exciting—you’re the first person to own it, it has that “new car” smell, and everything feels up-to-date. However, you can get many of the same things by buying a used car, and you’ll save thousands of dollars.


We all know that when you buy a new car, it instantly loses a lot of its value as soon as you drive off the lot. You can buy a late-model used car with many of the same features as new cars and skip out on that initial huge depreciation. In addition to saving money on depreciation, you may also be able to reduce your insurance costs since the price of insurance is often based on the value of the car.


Another benefit to buying used is the fact that cars are more reliable than ever. Cars are lasting longer and longer and some used cars even come with warranties. If you buy a Certified Pre-Owned car, it comes with a lot more than that.


If you love high-tech features in your car, think about this. You might be able to afford a slightly older car with better technology than a brand new car at the same price. This means you are getting a lot more value for your money.

As you can see, buying used has a lot of benefits. Stop by Downey Nissan today and take a look at our ever-changing inventory of great used Nissan and other make cars.

Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)?

New cars can be expensive, but it’s entirely possible to get a car that’s just as good for thousands of dollars less. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are viable options for drivers everywhere, and offer a great value. Most automakers have a Certified Pre-Owned program that vets the cars before they hit the lot. As a result, drivers can expect a manufacturer-backed model for a fraction of the price.


Certified Pre-Owned vehicles undergo a rigorous multi-point inspection to ensure all parts meet the standards set by the original manufacturer. All problems are repaired before the vehicle officially goes up for sale.

Once the vehicle has been looked over by manufacturer-trained technicians, the manufacturer backs it with a full warranty, just like a new car. Don’t fall for a scam. Dealership-certified and manufacturer-certified are two different programs. Only certified dealerships can offer a manufacturer-backed, Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.


Certified Pre-Owned vehicles aren’t the cheapest models on the market. Used vehicles that often come without any sort of manufacturer-backed warranty are usually cheaper by a decent amount.

That said, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with a standard peace-of-mind guarantee that if anything goes wrong with the car, it’s covered at no cost to you. That’s a major plus for drivers that can’t afford a brand new car but want the peace of mind that a full manufacturer-backed warranty provides.

Roadside Assistance

As an added bonus, many Certified Pre-Owned programs also offer free roadside assistance and a routine maintenance plan at no extra cost. Nissan’s Certified Pre-Owned program provides drivers with emergency roadside assistance, towing, car rental reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage in case something goes wrong with your vehicle. Owners can also transfer their vehicle without losing the warranty.


All Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles also come with a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report that lists all the maintenance and past problems the car may have had. Best of all, your new vehicle comes with a three-year CARFAX Buyback Guarantee!

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