Brake Light Replacement

Replacing Your Brake Bulbs

Brake light bulbs are important to the safety of the driver and the surrounding vehicles. Such a tiny bulb can be the difference in an accident, and whether or not it is your fault as the driver. Not all brake bulbs are made the same, and they require a technicians hand to properly remove and replace them when they burn out. Depending on the model of your Nissan, your brake light bulbs can vary.

During this service, technicians will quickly remove the old brake bulbs from their port and replace them with genuine Nissan bulbs. This service is one of the quickest we offer! Drive right up to our express lane.

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It’s All About Safety

Periodically, you should have someone check your brake lights by standing behind you when the car is in park, and you press the brake to make sure they are bright. If they fail to come on when you press the brake, then the bulb has blown and it is time for repair. This should be done because you can cause an accident with faulty brake light, or even receive a citation from local law enforcement. The cars behind you on the highway are relying on that bulb to illuminate when you begin to slow down, giving them the opportunity to do the same.

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Dimming Auto Lights

If you choose to not have the brake bulb replaced right away, you should at the minimum expect a law enforcement officer in your rearview mirror. The safety of those behind you on the roads are as important as your own, and these bulbs are required in California. If you choose not to let a certified technician make the change, you could cause more damage to the electrical wiring that is associated with the bulb.

Certified Auto Service in LA County

For those residing in Los Angeles or surrounding cities such as Downey, Norwalk and Lynwood, CA, have your brake bulbs replaced properly by the team at Downey Nissan. Our service department team understands the importance of brake bulbs and their operation. The service will not take very long, so relax in our customer lounge area equipped with WiFi and snacks for your convenience. Schedule your brake bulb replacement service online with our service department. Make sure to include the model and year of your Nissan so that we have the right bulbs available for your service.


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